BioTE® Natural Hormone Replacement

Hormones and Health Protection

Studies have shown that optimized hormones can reduce the risk of some age-related health issues, such as osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.  Ask your certified BioTE medical provider how hormone optimization might help protect you.

Precise Dosing is Key

Proper hormone levels are determined by the BioTE comprehensive blood work analysis.  Unique dosing is recommended for each patient for the best possible outcome.  Pellets introduce hormones into the bloodstream 24 hours a day for up to five months in some cases.  Patients tell us this steady stream of cardio-activated hormones allows greater symptom relief over other hormone-balance methods.

Patients Tell Us They Experience:

• Increased Energy & Muscle Strength

• Greater Ability to Lose Weight

• Increased Mental Clarity 

• Feel Younger and Happier Again

• Experience an Increased Quality of Life

Is BioTE Right for you?  Do you notice any of the following symptoms?:

• Lack of Energy and Fatigue During the Day

• Difficulty Sleeping at Night

  • • Reduced Mental Focus and Memory

    • Moody, Anxious or Depressed

• Weight Gain Including Increased Fat Around Mid-Section 

• Inability to Lose Weight Regardless of Healthy Diet and Exercise

• Decreased Muscle Strength

• Muscle and/or Joint Pain

• Reduced Sexual Desire and Performance

Frequently Asked Questions:

Men and Women experiencing lack of energy, fatigue, poor sleep, reduced mental acuity, weight gain, muscle/joint pain or reduced sexual desire/performance.  Feeling better can start with a simple blood test!

The Blood test only takes a few minutes.  Having a BioTE pellet implanted only takes about 30 minutes.

You and your clinician may choose between two to five procedures per year.

You may experience a slight pressure from the injectable anesthetic; BioTE therapy is essentially painless.

You may return to your daily routine but we ask that you do not do squats or gluteal exercises for 3-5 days.  You may experience a small amount of swelling at the site of implantation for about 48 hours.

No, BioTE implantation is an in-office treatment. Topical anesthetic is injected for your comfort.

Aging Healthier and Living Happier Can Begin with a Simple Test.  Ask if BioTE is Right for You Today!

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All procedures are performed by licensed medical personnel only.

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