DiVa Vaginal Laser Treatment

If you’re experiencing vaginal problems from childbirth or menopause, you can likely benefit from diVa Vaginal Rejuvenation. DiVa is a non-surgical therapy that restores healthy, youthful vaginal tissue for improved comfort and function

What Is DiVa Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Finally, there is a true vaginal rejuvenation therapy designed by a gynecologist, for women. diVa is designed from the ground up by Sciton, the leading medical laser company. It is virtually painless with minimal down time. You can leave my office and go right to work, or to the tennis court.

Rapid improvement to control, lubrication, laxity, and sensation. A ‘reboot” to your youthful and sensual self. Since diVa is automated you get a perfect and predictable treatment. And because of that, instead of 30-40 minutes like the first generation lasers, diVa takes 3-5. And diVa gives real, reproducible and lasting results.

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Who Benefits from DiVa Vaginal Laser Treatment?

  • Is coughing, sneezing or laughing causing you to cross your legs, Kegel or squeeze so that you don’t leak?
  • Are you looking nostalgically at the trampoline? 
  • Are you measuring the distance from the barre to the bathroom at the new studio, or just not signing up to begin with? 
  • Has sex has lost its “spark”, or become a chore due to pain from vaginal dryness?
  • Are you a breast cancer survivor and think there’s no hope for your vaginal issues?

Then you need to see how diVa Vaginal Therapy can literally change your life.


How Does the DiVa Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment Work?

Designed by a gynecologist and Sciton Women’s Health, diVa uses two perfectly tuned lasers firing with exact timing, and with the accuracy only possible with High Precision Automation to deliver the energy at the right depth, wavelength and distribution to result in the correct biological response necessary for creation of elastic collagen, youthful lubrication and a healthy decrease in laxity. The sum of these changes is the rejuvenation of vaginal function, including vastly reduced leaking and improved intimacy.

What does The Treatment Involve?

The procedure is performed by one of our practitioner in our office. A topical anesthetic may be applied. Using the special V-Spot handpiece, our medical staff is able to perform the treatment in just a few minutes. The whole procedure typically takes less than 15 minutes and is fast, usually very well tolerated.